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Citybox Antwerp


Norwegian hotel chain Citybox is opening a new hotel in Antwerp. Due to Corona and travel restrictions, the entire hotel has been designed digitally via Teams.

Together with contracting party IRET Development, Citybox is opening a brand new hotel with 180 rooms in the center of Antwerp. From negotiating the agreement to planning the hotel, the entire process has been done via Teams – the parties involved have not physically met yet. The hotel will open at the end of summer 2021. 

2020 was a rough year for the hotel industry, with Citybox as no exception. Despite hard times, Citybox is continuing the planned European expansion and opening a new hotel in Antwerp. Offering modern hotel rooms with Scandinavian design and self service check-in,

all at a low price. As a concept, Citybox is all about simple and modern solutions. The traditional reception has been replaced with check-in terminals and minibars with encouragement to discover what the city has to offer. As Citybox states, “The city is filled with bars; why would you need one in your room?”. 

For a long time, we have wanted to establish a hotel in Benelux, and we are beyond excited to both sign and open this hotel in record time. We strongly believe that Antwerp’s tourism industry will make a quick recovery now that the pandemic moves to an end, says Martin Smith-Sivertsen, Head Chairman at Citybox.

-For the neighborhood the redevelopment of the former Head quarter of social security into a hotel is much welcomed. We are very happy with Citybox as a long-term tenant and trusted operator. We are convinced of their added value to the hospitality offer in Antwerp and wish them good luck once travel bounces back and brings tourists and businessmen/women back to Antwerp, states Carl-Philip de Villegas, CEO of IRET Development.

Citybox currently operates four hotels and has already signed five new hotels to open in upcoming years. But this time, the opening comes with an exciting twist. Because of the coronavirus, the whole process from negotiation to planning has been done digitally via Teams and Facetime. 


180 rooms

Opening July 2021

Conversion of an older building

Developer: IRET Development