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Rent a private office at Citybox Tallinn


At Citybox Tallinn, you can now rent a private office space in the center of town, starting at 220 monthly per person.

Working in an open office space is known for its inefficiency, and sometimes you need to get things done in peace and quiet. We get it! With this thought in mind, we had the idea that some of our hotel rooms would be perfect for private office-spaces. And it so happens that we have a few available for the time being. 

As with our hotel, we like to keep things simple. The private office spaces can be rented on a monthly basis at a fixed low cost. The price is 220€ per person if you are two people sharing an office or 290€ if you want to keep the space all to yourself. Each office has a private bathroom(let’s be honest, every great idea comes from sitting on the toilet), plus a desk or two accompanied by a chair.

Office tenants can also use the hotel facilities such as a shared kitchen, vending machines, laundromat, and not to forget, our favorite office-prop: a ping pong table in the lobby. 

Office hours are 06.00-00.00, and there is always a Citybox Host in the building if you require assistance. The rooms get cleaned once a week, and you are allowed to bring your dog – just let us know when you book. 

Our hotel also has two separate meeting rooms that tenants can book at a reasonable cost. You can check them out here!

The hotel/your new office space is centrally located next to the yacht harbor, close to Rotermann and Old Town. 

For more information on our office spaces, send an email to