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Top reasons why Tallinn should be your next vacation destination


The Estonian capital Tallinn still is underestimated as a travel destination. There are only some Europe cities as beautiful and easy to travel to and explore as Tallinn. According to Lonely Planet in 2018, Tallinn is one of the best value destinations. The city is perfect for a long weekend but also worth to staying longer. Here are top reasons that make Tallinn a great travel destination.

Great value for money

Looking for a city holiday, where history is combined with modern life, nightlife is full of opportunities and food is relatively cheap? If so, then you are definitely welcome to Tallinn, the city where historical buildings meet modern blocks and contemporary lifestyle challenge traditional.

The food for every taste

Estonian food takes its cues from Russian and German staples, but adds a distinctly local flavor. Pork and milk products feature heavily, as does fish, caught fresh daily from the Baltic Sea.

You will find a lot of theme restaurants in the old town. For example, Olde Hansa brings you to Middle Ages, with waiting staff dressed in period costume and musicians playing tunes from the time. Of course, the staff also speaks English, so you can fully enjoy your dining experience as a foreigner.

During the last few years the street food culture in Tallinn has taken giant leaps from small beginnings to the diverse and exciting variety we see now, constantly evolving to meet changing local lifestyles. To experience Tallinn street food culture, the best place to visit are Kalamaja and Pelgulinn. If you want to enjoy great food with reasonable price, then go ahead and visit Balti Jaam (Baltic Station) Market, the newest community hub in Tallinn with lots of different cuisines, markets and minishops. This place also appeals with its unique atmosphere.

PS. Did we mention friendly prices of a beer at the restaurants? They are cheap indeed and you can find both Estonian and worldwide brands available almost everywhere.

Tallinn is easy to explore

Tallinn is a small and compact city. The city center can be easily explored on foot and walked through. Visitors who stay in the city center during their stay in Tallinn are practically not dependent on public transport or taxis. If you want to visit the Maritime Museum or the Art Museum, you can take a walk (20 to 30 minutes each) or spend a couple of euros on a bus ride. Even the airport can be reached on foot in half an hour, while the tram also takes only about 15 minutes.

There are many sights in Tallinn

Tallinn offers many sights and attractions to stay interesting for several days. The city center of Tallinn, the city walls, the cathedral hill with the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral and Tallinn Castle are compulsory in the city center. In addition, you should definitely visit the KUMU (art museum) and the Maritime Museum.

You can also spend some quality time around Porto Franco, the newest modern city area, which is just near the sea and harbor, right in the centre of this lovely town. Citybox hotel is one of the first residents in Porto Franco, with its perfect location for tourists and business travelers. So, plan your first trip and come to visit us!

The climate offers variations

While winters in Tallinn streets may be a bit cold and snowy, they can also be eye-catching, especially when there is Christmas Market in Town Hall Square, usually from November till early January.

The air temperatures in the summer months are usually between 20 and 25 degrees – this is neither too hot nor too cold and perfect for a city break. Since the city is situated quite north and the sun only sets briefly in summer, you can also experience “white nights” here in June and July. Swimming in the Baltic Sea may be a challenge even in the summer. However, Tallinn have several beaches, most popular of them is Pirita, which is just 7 km away from Porto Franco, the new heart of the city of Tallinn.

Free WiFi almost everywhere

Tallinn is widely recognized as one of the world’s most technology-oriented cities, offering a range of cutting-edge solutions from e-residency to mobile parking.

There are only a few cities in the world that offer such good Internet availability as the Estonian capital. Free Wi-Fi is available just about everywhere, including hotel rooms, conference centres, restaurants, cafés and even public squares and parks.

Locals speak English

Many locals display remarkable linguistic skills and the average English skills in Estonia are very good. Anyone who can speak halfway in English will hardly have any communication problems in Tallinn or in the rest of Estonia. They even offer city tours and bike tours in English! Alternatively, you can also speak in Russian or in Finnish.

Also, it is good to keep in mind, that Estonians are nordic folks – they like to keep their distance. So, there will be no hugs and kisses, at least until you become really close to them.

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