Safe stay at Citybox


When staying with us, your safety is our top priority, and we do our utmost to ensure that your stay is as safe as possible.

-All hotel rooms get cleaned thoroughly in between stays. We pay extra attention to contact-areas, such as door handles, light switches, and hair dryers.

-Check-in terminals help minimize contact person to person. Via them, you can check-in, pay for your stay, and check out. The terminals get sanitized throughout the day, and we have hand sanitizer available next to them.

-All members of staff wear face masks.

-Common areas like the lobby, lounges, and kitchen get cleaned several times throughout the day.

-Key cards are disinfected daily.

-Hand sanitizer is available in all shared areas such as lobby, kitchen, and check-in zone.

What can you do?

-First and foremost: do not visit us if you display any signs of illness. There will be plenty of time to travel after this is over, and we will gladly rebook your stay to new dates.

-Keep distance – you know the drill! Keep at least 2 m distance from other people.

-Wear a mask when you are in public, especially when you’re in the hotel and in contact with our staff.

-If you have recently been in close contact with an infected person, we urge you to stay home even if you have no symptoms.

If you have any questions regarding an upcoming stay, please send us a message or an e-mail, and we’ll get right back to you.