Terms of use

Below are the terms of use for this website. If you have any questions we ask you to contact our Customer Service through e-mail, oslo@citybox.no / bergen@citybox.no or by calling +47 21 42 04 80 (Oslo) / +47 55 31 25 00 (Bergen)


1.1 This website is owned and operated by Citybox AS AS (”Citybox”).
1.2 These terms and conditions (“Terms of Use”) apply to all of your use of the website. By accessing, visiting and using the website, you agree to these Terms of use in whatever form they take at the time of use.
1.3 For users registering a web profile, the Web Profile Terms and Conditions apply in addition to these Terms of Use.
1.4 Users undertake not to violate Norwegian legislation when using this website.


2.1 In order to improve your use of this website Citybox reserves the right to make amendments.
2.2 Citybox reserves the right to, at its sole discretion and without notice, make the improvements, changes, to add or remove parts of the website that Citybox considers necessary. Furthermore Citybox reserves the right to modify these Terms of Use. Your continued use of the website after such changes has been published entails that you accept, and agree to, the changes.


3.1 Unless otherwise stated, all content on this website and app is owned by Citybox AS.
3.2 The content of this website is protected by copyright, trademark legislation, and other intellectual property rights. Users do not at any time have the right to use the content on this website other than in accordance with these Terms of Use.
3.3 Reproduction, publishing, processing, transmission, storage or any other use of website content is prohibited without Citybox’s prior written consent, unless otherwise stated. According to the Norwegian Copyright Act users are allowed to print copies for personal use or to temporarily store information on a computer.
3.4 The use of trademarks and logos appearing on this website and app is also conditioned by a prior written consent from Citybox or other relevant rights-holders.


4.1 Citybox’s website may contain hyperlinks to website and apps which are owned and operated by a third party. The use of such links means that you leave the Citybox web site.
4.2 Citybox does not under any circumstances control the design of, or could have an impact on, the content of websites provided by a third party. Consequently, Citybox cannot assume any responsibility regarding the content of such website and apps.
4.3 When Citybox provides links to third-party website and apps it does not entail that Citybox endorses the information, products or services offered via such links.
4.4 Since Citybox is not responsible for the management and confidentiality of your personal information on such websites and apps provided by a third party, we recommend you to read the terms and conditions applicable to the use of third-party website and apps. The use of website and apps provided by a third party is solely executed at your own risk.


5.1 Citybox may provide the possibility for website users to publish or upload content on the website.
5.2 By uploading, posting or otherwise create website content you contribute to the creation of website content for which you assume full responsibility and for which you as a user may be held liable.
5.3 Users undertake to indemnify Citybox and confirms that published content does not infringe the rights of any third party, such as copy right. Citybox does not under any circumstances assume responsibility for content created by the users of this website.
5.4 Citybox reserves an unlimited right to, at its sole discretion, wholly or partially remove content created by the users of the website and which, in part or in total, could be considered unlawful, or which according to Citybox could be considered inappropriate, offensive, vulgar, insignificant or indecent, or which in any other respect could risk to cause harm to Citybox or its collaborators.
5.5 Citybox reserves the right to take further actions to prevent abuse and other harmful measures.
5.6 Users own the rights to content created by themselves but grant Citybox a global and perpetual right to, without costs and limitations, freely use the content which has been published on the website by its users.


6.1 Citybox does not guarantee the functionality of the website and app or its availability.
6.2 Nor does Citybox guarantee that the information on the website is complete or correct. Consequently, Citybox does not guarantee that information provided through the website regarding products, services and offers as well as other information, is complete or correct.
6.3 Thus all liability for direct and indirect damages caused by the use of the website or information provided through the website is excluded, except when such limitation is prohibited by law.


7.1 Citybox uses “cookies” to facilitate the use and utilization of this website.
7.2 A cookie is a small text file that a web server can ask to save on the website and app visitor’s hard drive. A cookie recognizes what type of content, and which web pages, a visitor has visited on our website and app. The information contained in cookies can concern the website and app user’s surfing on the website and app, what type of web browser the user is using and what web pages the user has been visiting. Cookies enable Citybox to improve your visit of Citybox’s website.
7.3 A “permanent cookie” is saved on the user’s computer during a fixed period of time. A “session cookie” is temporarily stored in the computer’s memory while a user is surfing on a website and app. A “session cookie” disappears when the user shuts down the web browser. Citybox is using both “permanent cookies” and “session cookies”. Citybox may also use third-party cookies.
7.4 If a user does not wish to accept cookies, the user’s web browser can be set to automatically deny the storage of cookies. If a user do not accept the storage of cookies this could affect the functionality of the website and app.


8.1 Citybox processes your personal data in accordance with the Norwegian Personal Data Act and cares for your privacy when processing your personal data.
8.2 By using Citybox’s website you accept that Citybox actively collect, manage, store and use, and in other ways handle your personal data, in order to enable Citybox, or its collaborators, to provide for the products and services offered through Citybox’s website.
8.3 Registration and processing of personal data of people under the age of 18 requires, as a starting point, consent from a legal guardian. By consenting to these Terms of Use you confirm that you are either older than 18 years old or that your legal guardian approves to the storage and processing of your personal data by Citybox, in accordance with these Terms of Use. Citybox reserves the right to have the consent of the legal guardian verified.
8.4 Cityboxe has the right to use your personal data in order to send you information regarding offers and products. If you do not wish to receive such information we ask you to contact our Customer Service through e-mail, oslo@citybox.no / Bergen@citybox.no or by calling +47 21 42 04 80 (Oslo) / +47 55 31 25 00 (Bergen)
8.5 Citybox may use subcontractors to perform a variety of functions such as marketing and technical services for the website. These subcontractors can sometimes receive access to users’ personal data if this is necessary in order for them to perform and deliver their services to Citybox. Citybox treats all personal data with great caution and the subcontractors of Citybox may only use personal data to perform the duties they have been charged with by Citybox. Subcontractors do not have the right to store personal data or to use personal data in any other way than in accordance with their assignment for Citybox.
8.6 The user agrees to that the user’s personal data is being stored and used in accordance with the directions, and for the purposes as specified in this document.
8.7 The user agrees to that the user’s personal data may be transferred to companies and organizations, situated within, as well as outside, the European Union.
8.8 The user agrees to that data/registered information is being used to identify the target group of the user for marketing purposes. The user also agrees to that such information may be shared with a third party for marketing purposes. The sharing of such information will always be anonymous.
8.9 The user has the right to request information, through a written application, regarding what personal data concerning the user that Citybox has registered. The user may request for correction of any inaccurate data. The user can also apply for having personal data deleted. Such application shall be submitted to Customer Service through e-mail, oslo@citybox.no / Bergen@citybox.no or by calling +47 21 42 04 80 (Oslo) / +47 55 31 25 00 (Bergen)


9.1 Citybox, and our collaborators will use the information you submit in conjunction with transactions on the website, such as information concerning credit or debit card and delivery and billing addresses.
9.2 Citybox is taking every reasonable measure to safeguard the information you submit on the website in conjunction with transactions on the website. Citybox does not however, guarantee the safety of the information you submit.