Terms and conditions for alteration and cancellation

You are free to cancel or alter individual reservations (up to 5 rooms) until 3 pm 1 day prior to your scheduled date of arrival. After this time, you cannot change or cancel your reservation. Compensation for rooms that are not used will be calculated according to the following practice (applies for individual guests):

  1. A) Standard basic rule

In the event of a “no show”, the guest will be charged the price of the room for one day.

  1. B) Late cancellation

If a room booking is cancelled later than 3 pm 1 day before the scheduled date of arrival, and if the room cannot be rented out to another guest, the guest who originally booked the room will be charged the price of the room for one day.

All alterations and cancellations must be made by sending an e-mail to Citybox.

For group reservations (more than 5 rooms) different terms apply. Please contact us if you need additional information.

Obligations and responsibility of Citybox guests

Agreements concerning hotel room reservations are binding on both parties.

Guests are obliged to provide correct contact information when making their bookings.

It is not permitted to give key cards to anyone other than the person(s) registered as the guest(s) in the room. The maximum permitted numbers of guests per room are: 1 in single rooms, 2 in double rooms and 4 in family rooms.

During their stays, guests are obliged to abide by the hotel regulations as well as the rules and regulations laid down by the authorities. The hotel regulations are printed from our check-in/out-terminals upon arrival.

Hotel guests and others who visit the hotel must not subject other hotel guests or people who live nearby to disruption, disturbances or danger. Guests who fail to live up to these obligations can be expelled from the hotel without any claim to compensation of any kind.

Hotel guests are legally and financially liable for any damage they, with or without intent, may cause to the hotel or any injury they may cause to a third party, including but not limited to, destruction of property or removal of property from the hotel without permission.

Pets are permitted at the hotel (on request!) for a surcharge of NOK 150 per day.

Smoking is not permitted at the hotel. Smoking in the rooms or the hallways will trigger the fire alarms. All costs linked to any such triggering of the fire alarms will be charged to the person(s) who caused the triggering of the alarms, or to the contact person linked to the booking of the room.

Obligations and responsibility of the hotel

In the event that the hotel, for reason beyond the control of the hotel, is unable to provide the guest with a room that he or she has already booked and paid for, the hotel shall be entitled to provide said guest(s) with accommodation at another local hotel and at no extra charge. The hotel is obliged to inform the guest in question of such changes and arrangements without delay.

The hotel rooms will be cleaned on the departure of the guest(s), but not during short stays unless cleaning has specifically been booked and paid for by the guest(s). During longer stays, the rooms will be cleaned once a week.

Pursuant to Norwegian legislation, the hotel is responsible for its guests and their possessions, but only to the extent that any damages or injuries are the result of intentional actions or of negligence on the part of the hotel staff. In the event that a guest should wish to claim such intent or negligence on the part of the hotel staff, said guest shall be required to prove such in each and every case.

In the event that a guest should wish the hotel to take on greater responsibility for his or her valuables, he or she can request that the hotel accept such for safekeeping. The hotel is entitled to refuse such a request.


Our hotel only uses your personal information for anonymous statistical purposes, booking, check-in, check-out, cancellations, and to issue your receipt upon arrival. We can supply our entire GDPR-agreement upon request.